We are an Approved Counterfeit-Proof
Prescription Printing Company

As a State approved Counterfeit-Proof prescription printing company, we are able to prepare all of your prescription needs quickly and accurately. We offer Free Delivery to Most Commercial locations from Delray Beach to Jupiter, and Express Next Day shipping anywhere in the state of Florida. We have all types of one and two-part standard and secure prescription pads and laser sheets available for you to order.

Florida Prescription Laws require State Approved Rx Pads

DO NOT BUY FROM A MIDDLE MAN. At www.flrxpads.com we ARE print manufacturers. We have been in the commercial and medical print business for over 25 years, working with a number of the largest and most prestigious health care institutions and prescribers throughout the state! We prepare your pads and laser sheets the way you want them, print and ship all from our secure facility right here in Royal Palm Beach, Florida. And you do not have to wait a week to get your Prescription Pads or Laser Sheets. Get them as soon as the day after you approve the design or place your order!

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